Get Involved

The BeProud movement has already begun, and it will grow even more with the launch of a prime-time television and social media campaign in November 2012. You can be a part of the effort to end hate with these simple, effective, and wide-reaching ways.

Social Media Campaign

You already know how one post or tweet can ultimately reach untold numbers of people. Now imagine the power of posts, tweets, and videos coming from all around the world. Take a minute or more to share the BeProud message, bringing attention to the cause among your friends, family members, and colleagues. Your voice can help change lives.


Upload a 60-second video answering the question, What are you most proud of? Many celebrities are already doing this. You can learn more about uploading a video to YouTube here . Share the video with everyone in your circle.


First click "Like" at the bottom or this page or on the homepage, and repost or "Like" BeProud's posts of inspiring stories and other messages on Facebook. In November, our Facebook application will also allow users to post a BeProud stamp as their profile picture, acknowledging their support. And a real-time visual feed powered by will show everyone joining this movement, increasing momentum and a sense of togetherness.



Once you've use the Facebook application, you will be able to tweet about the movement ("I just joined the @BeProud movement to #EndHate. Are you with me? Join now at") With your help, #EndHate and BeProud will quickly become trending topics.


From just a few dollars to a more substantial amount, your donation is invaluable in helping the BeProud campaign. Click "Give" on the menu bar or click here to learn more.


Show your support for the #EndHate movement by purchasing limited-edition items and more. The BeProud store will open in November 2012.